Passport, Visa and Health Requirements

Whenever you leave a country, you will be asked for travel documents at the airport.
Travel documents are official papers that you must show to the authorities when crossing the border. The travel documents required may vary, depending on the country where you travel / transit and the purpose of visit in the country concerned.

Such travel documents can be: passport, ID, visa, permits, certificates, letters of invitation, etc.

You should ask your travel agent for all the information about passport, visa or certain vaccinations mandatory for your trip by the time you book your flight.

In case you demand special services, you may be asked to present supplementary documents which will condition your embarking on the aircraft. You can find out more details regarding these necessary documents from your travel agent at the time of booking. 

Attention! It is your responsibility to ensure that all the necessary travel documents are in order. Moldavian Airlines reserves the right not to accept passengers on the flight unless all formalities have been completed. 

For your comfort of travel, we inform you that, according to the current Romanian Customs legislation, the passengers who transit Romania via Timisoara to/from Republic of Moldova or Ukraine do not need a transit visa.
Moreover, the passengers holding an expired “Permit to Stay” in Italy (Permesso di Soggiorno) are allowed to leave Italy and return to Ukraine or Republic of Moldova via Timisoara without holding any transit visa or other similar documents. However, passengers must hold a document of payment certifying the request for the issuance of a new Permit to Stay or for a renewal of the expired one, the original of the expired Permit of Stay and a valid passport.
According to provisions of  Regulation No. 444/2009 of the European Parliament and of the  European Council, starting June, the 26th, all citizen of the European Community aged under 18 must hold individual travel documents such as individual passport or identity card, when entering or leaving  the territory of each  European Union’ s member state.

Therefore, after June, the 26th,  citizen of the European Community aged under 18 will be accepted on Moldavian Airlines flights only if holding an individual passport or identity card.

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Please check this page regularly for further details on EU decisions and directives related to travel within Europe.