Lost & Found baggage

We are aware that, unfortunately, baggage happens to be delayed, misdirected, damaged or sometimes lost.

For such inconveniences, we apologize in advance and assure you of our entire support throughout the tracing and delivering process.
Furthermore, we are trying to minimize these unpleasant events as much as possible.
Nevertheless, whenever you do not find your baggage in the arrival area, you should address the Lost & Found Offices immediately.

At the desk, you will be asked for some information that the lost & found agent needs from you in order to fill out a lost or damaged baggage report (PIR) detailing the model, color and content of your baggage. Your bag tag given to you when you checked your baggage will also be required, along with your contact details. On that document you will also find a telephone number where you can inquire about the status of your baggage.

Once the report has been completed, we will trace your baggage by “World Tracer’, a worldwide-computerized system for baggage tracing actions and management.

The search of your baggage begins as the data of the PIR have been processed by the computer and it continues at the local stations for 5 days. From time to time, you are informed of the latest news about tracing your baggage. If your baggage has not been found after 5 days, in the 6th day you will be asked to fill out a baggage questionnaire, in which you are asked for the content of your baggage. Now, the tracing process is taken over by Chisinau Lost & Found Central Office. After the time limit has expired (40 days), the procedure for baggage liability limitations applies.

Complaints for damaged baggage

If your checked baggage has been damaged, you must complain in writing to us as soon as you discover the damage or within seven days from the date you received the checked baggage at the latest. If these conditions are not met, Moldavian Airlines can decline any liability.

Moldavian Airlines is not liable for the damage to baggage caused by delay if we prove that we took all reasonable measures to avoid the damage or if it was impossible for us to take such measures.

Baggage Liability Limitations

We advise you to keep your valuable objects in your hand baggage, not in the checked baggage.

Moldavian Airlines is not liable for the loss, damage or delay in the delivery of the following items carried in your checked baggage, with or without the knowledge of Moldavian Airlines:

Fragile or perishable articles, money, credit cards, checks, jewelry, precious metals, valuables
Negotiable papers, bonds, shares, electronic equipment, computers, securities and keys
Business documents, share certificates, bonds or other valuable documents
Documents, passports and other identification documents, samples, medicals, forbidden items

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In other countries, Moldavian Airlines flights are processed by contracted handling agents. Please contact the representatives of the handling companies below in the airport: 

ANCONA Aerdorica S.p.A.
BARI S.E.A.P.  S.p.A. – Aeroporti di Puglia
BOLOGNA BAS – Bologna Airport Services S.p.A.
FLORENCE AdF Aeroporto di Firenze S.p.A.
MUNICH Aerogate
STUTTGART Stuttgart Ground Services GmbH
VENICE Ground Handling Venezia
VERONA Avio Handling