Checked baggage

Checked baggage travels in the hold of the aircraft, not in the passenger cabin.

Checked baggage must be clearly labeled with your name and permanent address inside and outside each piece; it is advisable to use a strong baggage that can be locked.
  When you check-in your baggage, you will receive a baggage identification tag for each piece.

The Economy Premium class passenger's baggage is specially labeled for priority boarding.

If your journey includes one or more transit points, you can request through check-in to your final destination airport(subject to existing agreements between Moldavian Airlines and the onward transporting carrier). This will save time and make transfer between flights more comfortable.

Your checked baggage will be carried on the same aircraft as you, unless we decide, for safety, security or operational reasons, to carry it on another flight. In such cases, your checked baggage will be delivered to you at the specified address unless the law in the country of destination requires your presence for Customs clearance.

Checked baggage may not contain the following items:

Fragile items
Valuable items
Perishable items
Dangerous goods

For safety reasons, do not accept baggage belonging to someone else.