Cargo Services

 We provide the following facilities and services:

Moldavian Airlines’ airport-to-airport Cargo Service offers our customers simple and fast possibilities to transport their consignments on our regular flights to all Moldavian Airlines destinations. Read more about the airports where we operate.

Our services comply with the EU International Regulations CEE 2454/93, CEE 2913/92 and Special Air Cargo Rules for Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. Our staff are IATA/FIATA accredited cargo agents.  

Our cargo personnel takes care of transport services both on Moldavian Airlines’own flights and farther to European hubs through specialized cargo sales agents in Italy.


Includes acceptance and storage of goods, inventory control, and handling of transit freight; transport to and from the aircraft; security services


Includes acceptance and processing of import, export, transit and transfer documentation, tracing


Includes issuance of AWB (Air Waybill), acceptance of goods, Customs formalities, security checks


Includes receiving of goods, handling and storage, notifying and delivering of consignments.
We offer a simple and fast service of documents dispatch between companies' headquarters and their branches in the European Community.
For service guarantees to apply, all international consignments must be pre-booked through Moldavian Airlines Cargo Service.
All consignments must be tendered on an international Air Waybill (AWB) in an IATA (International Air Transport Association) recommended format. A complete and accurate description of the goods being shipped must be documented on the AWB. In this respect, you must provide our cargo agents with any information and documentation required complying with all the Customs and other Governmental regulations of any country involved in the transportation of air cargo.

All cargo is subject to current aviation security measures and must be packed in an appropriate way for carriage so as to ensure that it can be handled safely.
Each customer is responsible for the content of the package.

We do not accept for transportation:

Live animals
Dangerous goods class 1 (explosives) and class 7 (radioactive material)
Human remains
Valuable articles