As aviation is an ever-changing field and no two days are similar to one another, we expect our people to be very flexible, quick thinking and very determined. If you are dedicated, want to share your brilliant ideas and have fun while doing it, this is the perfect place for you. Whether you choose to work for us on the ground, at sales offices, on the ramp, in the hangar, or in the air – think about what we offer you: a challenge.


Are you interested in developing your career with Moldavian Airlines, the strongest private airline in Republic of Moldova? Are you tired of looking for just “another regular, boring job”? That’s why we are here for, to offer you something different.


We invite you to take a glimpse into our business, visit our website and send us your CV by applying at one of the active jobs listed below. If there aren’t any active jobs in your field of interest, please apply here for future opportunities.